The journey to change and growth starts with ownership!  

Girls having the right information is the integral first step they need to them make wholesome decisions about their bodies, relationships and sexual health. 

That’s where it’s starts from. They also need to know the choices and decisions they make all add up to the quality of the lives they live today and tomorrow.

That’s our goal with our Sexuality Education Workshop. 

BGLI Sexuality Education approach is first PREVENTIVE; this we believe is the way to build a healthy and whole community again, educating a girl or a class one at a time.

Our course overview is well thought out and one of the most holistic one you’ll come across.

Girls will learn

• Body knowledge and changes

• Body Care

• Body image

• Values and Beliefs

• Sexualisation of the body and the role the media plays 

• Sexual and Reproductive Health

• Boy and Girl Relationships

• Emotional Changes and Affection 

• Intimacy

• Sexual Safety and Abuse


Course Delivery

  • 4 weeks of intense yet gentle learning (different considerations apply to time)
  • Safe environment and Gentle guides 
  • Engaging session with team of professionals
  • Worksheets for workshop and after
  • One on one counselling where required
  • Further referrals if need arises

Extra Bonuses

Additional materials for school or organization for after workshop use

 Who can take the course ?

  • Parents can schedule course for their girls 
  • Schools
  • Individuals
  • Groups or Organisations
  • Religious organisations  

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