Throughout the year, we run self-development workshops during students’ holidays, each with a different focus. 


Adolescent years can be quite testy for teens. They are finding their own identity, learning to make their own choices. Dealing with friends and frenemies and also dealing with school work. Giving them the right tools, information and support will help them through these years also ensure they are prepared for adulthood.

Girls who attend our holiday workshops are immediately able to apply the lessons learnt, engage the tools once they are back in school.

Girls also have the beautiful opportunity to meet girls from different schools, make new friends while having fun at it.

Course Delivery 

10 hours of face to face learning and mentoring session with our Director, Adefolashade. 

Other Guest Mentors who share their own journeys and practical tools with the girls. 

Small size class to ensure personal experience

Lifetime student discount on our other offerings 

Post care after workshops 

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