Get Involved

The BGLI Village is our community of people and organizations contributing to our work with girls. 

We have created a healthy space where men and women from all walks of life are able to use their journeys to inspire our girls. We also have organizations with different skill sets who willingly lend their expertise in grooming our girls during our workshops or other BGLI programs.

There are different interesting ways you can start contributing your quota in ensuring the next generation of women are empowered today.


Thank you for your interest in BGLI. Once you sign up to be a volunteer, you become part of a wonderful community who share a common vision of equipping girls to thrive in life.


We work with partners who believe the potentials of the girl child and are committed to ensuring she reaches her fullest potential. 


Our partners understand our investment in our girls today determines the quality of their lives as women tomorrow and the society as well. Would you like to join us in fulfilling our mission, we’ll love your support.


  • Become a Partner organisation
  • Bring BGLI to your child’s school or an organization.
  • Sponsor for a BGLI program.
  • Provide Internship opportunities for our girls.
  • Provide community service opportunities for our girls


Stories are powerful! They serve as an important tool in connecting, instructing and inspiring people of all ages. It’s also such a relaxed way to teach and communicate life lessons and values to our girls and they absolutely love them. 


We will also love to feature your story on our blog so many more girls and parents can learn from inspiring journeys of women from all walks of life.


Here are some features you can write on

  • Lessons from my teenage years
  • What I wish I knew as a teenager
  • What I’ll say to my younger self.
  • Lessons from parenting a teenager
  • Testimonial from BGLI Workshop

Become a Girl Mentor

Then you should join our mentoring team. Our mentors after being training get to hold a girls hand and inspire her on her growth journey and it is such a rewarding experience.

  • Do you share our passion of seeing girls empowered and equipped for a fulfilling tomorrow?
  • Would you like to use your journey and story to inspire girls positively? 


Your generous contributions will help us fulfil our mission of equipping the next generation of women. Through this, a kinder, stronger and empowered community will be built.