Shining Bright Girls Circle 2020

Teens today dive into the world with an illusion of what the real world is about. This is telling in the quality of decisions made whether surrounding friendship, career pathway or even work readiness; it seems life just happens. No-fault of theirs but it’s telling of a system that fails to equip them with the right skill set.

We know parents want to do better and that’s our work at Brighter Girls- to support parents in ensuring their teens are confident and prepared to meet the world having the requisite tools and information to make informed and value-based decisions.

The Shining Bright Girls Circles, a nurture platform of Brighter Girls is a 10 month rounded self-development program and structured safe space for teen girls, aged 13-16 years.

Girls in a consistent and effective manner learn life skills and tools that ensure they are rounded and are equipped for life. They are assigned to individual mentors, engage in interactive sessions, hands-on workshops, build lifelong friendships and have full access to the Brighter Girls’ resources.


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