One on One Mentoring

Brighter Girls runs a number of workshops throughout the year but we know that a group environment is sometimes not the best option, depending on what your beautiful young person is going through or what you are trying to achieve with her.  

Our mentoring sessions will gently encourage our client to discover who she is inside out, love the skin she’s in, maximise her today and get equipped for tomorrow. The mentoring sessions also allow us to go a bit deeper than the courses, honing in on THE INDIVIDUAL even more, without any distractions.

Our One on One Mentoring session is personally handled by our Director Adefolashade Fadeyi. 

 Adefolashade is a US certified Girl Empowerment Life Coach, a trained youth mentor, US certified mental health first aid giver (youth). Her hearty gentle guide will help her client find her inner strength and get on the journey of being her best version. During the course of her mentoring sessions with her client, if need arise to advise a referral to any other professional, it will be advised.

Who is it for?

 Mentoring is perfect for someone who would benefit from a one-on-one experience and a gentle approach.  We take a very personalised approach so it’s all about getting clear on what the young person’s goals are and then setting up a safe space to reflect on what’s going on their life and help them to take positive steps forward.  Some scenarios where mentoring can be great are:

-the young person would like to work on ways to build their identify,  boost their self-confidence and self-worth

-the young person would like extra support in achieving their academic or sporting goals

-the young person would like to feel stronger, healthier and more joyful

-the young person would like to set a goal and get the tools required to build  healthier relationships with others 

-the young person who would like to learn life skills 

-the young person would like extra support

The young person must also be WILLING so the first step in the mentoring process is meeting with you and your daughter to make sure that both parties feel it’s the right move going forward.

What’s involved? 

When you decide to invest in a mentoring series, you and Adefolashade will have an in person, phone or Skype meeting (often just with you as the parent in the first instance and then also with the young person).  This serves a few purposes; making sure that the young person is committed to the process as the mentoring program only works if they are willing to turn up and put in the effort between sessions; making sure they feel really comfortable and finally to ensure that this is the best path forward for them.


 In order to have lasting change, it’s important to invest time so that we can regularly check in, develop skills and build a relationship that will allow the young person to grow.  To this end, there is an 8 session (2 bonus) (3 month) minimum commitment.

 The 8 session mentoring program includes:

  •  8 x 1hr private sessions, physical meetings (depending on locations), skype or phone sessions
  • Unlimited email access to Adefolashade for the duration of the 3 months 
  • Homework and worksheets to keep the young person focused, growing and evolving 
  • A Journal 

To explain further, the 8 sessions will run for a minimum of 1 hour.  We will do these by physical meetings (depending on locations), video conferencing using Skype or over the phone if you don’t have access to Skype.  If this doesn’t suit you for any reason, we can discuss alternatives.

As soon as the interest is confirmed and payment is made, your girl gets her first set of worksheets,  we discuss with both of you to know what your expectations are, her schedule  is shared with her and her session commences.

Book a free session to see if this is something you’ll want for your girl.

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