Our Mission

To equip girls with the tools, information and direction that empowers them to discover their authentic self, make informed decisions master their adolescent years and thrive in every area of life.


Brighter Girls Life Initiative (BGLI) is a non-governmental organization founded to empower, groom and prepare the girl child to realize her full potential and live confidently.

We aim to create a community where girls are adequately equipped to maximize the present-day for a fulfilling tomorrow. We provide a safe place where girls can be their authentic selves, while giving them the information they need, to ensure they make informed decisions.

In recent times, the task of imparting values is greatly overlooked; it’s common to see crucial phases of girls development increasingly left to chance, peer influence and the social media. This shouldn’t be as the adolescence period is extremely important and requires deliberate, insightful and consistent mentoring. BGLI is taking on the challenge of ensuring that girls are guided are prepared to be the best versions of themselves that God created them to be.

BGLI will also serve as a support system to families offering counselling, mentoring and sharing insightful resources as needed. We will capitalize on the good work parents are doing by reinforcing and emphasizing values that parents share with their daughters in a way that can be self-applied. Our goal is to ensure that girls are nurtured consciously, in order to take on the numerous diverse roles of womanhood and live life to its full potential.

Our Uniqueness

Our Passion, Curriculum, Network, Care, Diversity and Programs set us apart.


Our passion and understanding of the Girl Child. We constantly engage in trainings and research that enables us to reach, engage and empower our girls effectively.


We are concerned about the holistic development of girls. The diversity and strength of our curriculum and workshops validate this.


We work with the Girls’ primary influencers: parents, teachers, schools, and we run specialized workshops for all groups of influencers.


We do one on one counseling and mentoring with the girls, parents and their influencers.


We see Brighter Girl Life Initiative as a community that accommodates a diverse group of women, who are able to use their journeys, stories and experiences to inspire and strengthen our girls.


Our diverse programs create opportunities and platforms where girls engage with the real world. This strengthens their resolve to nurture their dreams and develop opportunities to achieve them in future. It also gives them the chance to express themselves and practice what they have been taught.

Everyone here is treated with courtesy and politely. Also, your work in BGLI opens us up to some aspects of our clients lives, be it the girls, parents, other influencers or our partners. It’s important to us to treat information we get as important and confidential. Your word is safe with us.

In BGLI, this is the ability to see every girl as special, deserving of love and respect. Instead of being judgmental and assuming, we show empathy, in our words and actions.

Fundamental to our goals and actions is our faith. We believe in the gift and abilities the girls carry within, their potential, and the beautiful future ahead of them, but more importantly, we believe in the Giver of the gift, God, and that with Him, the work we do with the girls will yield lasting fruits. Our faith also helps us to stay positive and hopeful, no matter the circumstance, constantly believing in the girls. This truth is the foundation of our actions in Brighter Girls Life Initiative.




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